Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New year and new menus

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with family and friends, we sure did! One of my favorite gifts this year is a personalized cookbook from my Aunt Pattie. She took all kinds of healthy recipes from different places and then catorgorized them into 5 sections for ease. My ambitous brain wheels started turning and I have decided to take on a new project. Project get healthy is what I have just now decided to call it. PGH for short. So here's what I was thinking, the book has a large main dish section so why not use at least 3 of those recipes in my meal plan each week?! I can combine the cookbook idea with the quick fix meal show on food network and maybe just maybe I'll have enough motivation to stick with it long enough to see some real weight loss! I'll try to track my progress each week on blogger - with the hope that I'm not setting myself up for failure. I have also decided to just go in order of the recipes in the book so that I don't get too bogged down with choices. With that said it looks like our first week will be a week of chicken. I think I'll get a great big package at the store and do what Robin Miller does and fix it all at the same time then just freeze it for the rest of the week. I'll try to find similar recipes online so that I can add links in the hopes that someone else may want to go along with my crazy idea, or maybe just try one or two of the recipes. Alot of my other meal ideas will be from the wonderful women/men who visit the Org Junkie and share their meal plans, and alot will come from my favorite blogger POW!  Those aren't the only websites I'll search to gather new recipes and great ideas, but they are the ones I frequent most.

I guess in order to see if this will work I should give a general idea of my size now and then add a new picture each week or maybe monthly to track progress - you all will know if I fall off the wagon if there aren't any pictures for a while. I would post my weight, but I'm not that brave yet, let's just say, I'm not at a healthy weight right now. If this works I'll post my begining weight and ending weight. Now to find a picture.......

Well here it is, me and my girls. I'm curious now looking at the picture what was going through my head when I got dressed that morning! Anyway, this is a starting point, maybe my fashion will improve as my weight goes down. And I suppose I should give something more concrete for a before reference, I'll go with size of pants - I am now in a size 18, and I'm 5'4 ...not healthy.

Ok now onto the actual meal plan for the end of this week and next week! All of the junk/holiday food has to be gone by the time next week starts so in order to get rid of the 6 packages of cream cheese, 4 lbs of shredded cheddar, cake mixes etc. I'll be making sweets and treats and having the girls over! I'll include those links too.

Thursday ~ Cheeseburger-Quiche and fries
Friday ~ out to dinner
Saturday ~ blackeyed peas, cabbage and cornbread
Sunday ~  Italian-Rice-Pie and salad
Tuesday ~ Black-Bean-and-Couscous-Salad I'll be adding chicken and spinach too!
Wednesday ~ sandwiches and veggies and ranch
Friday ~ Turkey picadillo wraps turkey picadillo
Saturday ~ left overs?

So there it is!  I will be posting updates each week as to how each of the recipes tastes and any alterations I make.  I hope you all find your new year full of blessings! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cooking, cleaning, and getting ready to head outa town!

So this week has been jammed packed with things to do, unexpected and expected alike.  I am up to my eyeballs in to do lists with no check marks, my blog included...  We will be headed out of town this Friday and won't be back until Christmas eve!  My week has also been cut short cooking wise because my Dad has been in town and taking us out to dinner, Yay for Dad!!! I will be back tracking my blog to Monday, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. 

Monday ~ Poppy-Seed-Chicken, green beans, rolls and icebox cheese cake with blueberries

Tuesday ~ Out to eat :)

Wednesday ~ Soup and Sandwiches

Thursday ~ Cola-Pork-Chops (new recipe for me, I'll be following suggestions from other reviewers), serving over rice with purple hull peas and carrots

Friday - Christmas eve ~ Out of town

Remember This December, That love weighs more than gold!    ~Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

Sunday, November 28, 2010

healthy between the holidays

This time of year can be a daily calorie fest from Thanksgiving to New years.  That's why this year I'm going to attempt the near impossible and plan out healthy meals in between each holiday, and I'm starting this week.  For more meal plans visit Orgjunkie.

Monday - Turkey spaghetti and salad

Tuesday - Meat-Pie-Tourtiere green beans

Wednesday - Chicken salad sandwiches, chips and fruit

Thursday - PW Quesadillas and black beans

Friday - Healthy-Crockpot-Chicken and steamer veggies

Saturday - F.F.Y./C.O.R.N. *

*For those of you who don't yet know, FFY is fend for yourself and CORN is clean out the fridge night. 

And regardless of what else you put on, WEAR LOVE. 
 It's your basic, all purpose garment.
  Never be without it. 
Col. 3:14

Monday, November 8, 2010

Harvest time, Halloween, and 2 beautiful zebras

So with Halloween behind us and Thanks Giving on it's way I have lots on my mind but first!  Before Halloween I decided to have pictures of my girls taken by a wonderful photographer Erin Walker at imagine photographi. She had a cool fall promo going and so I dressed the girls in their Halloween garb and away we went. Here are a few of the beautiful pictures that came out of a wonderful afternoon.

We haven't picked up the girl's Halloween pictures from Walgreens yet, but next week I'll get those up.  Next week's blog should be adorned with a the cutest cow and prettiest 9 year old Taylor Swift you've ever seen. 
Without further ado, my meal plan for the week:

Tuesday ~ Chicken-Flautas, Mexican rice, refried beans and lime/cumin creme and not-yo-mamas-banana-pudding
Wednesday ~ Spaghetti and meatballs, salad and rolls
Thursday ~ Left Over buffet
Friday ~ Chicken-Pot-Pie and possibly this lemon cake
Saturday ~ soup and sandwiches or something else super easy.

I'm tired already! Someone put me in bed and then wake me in 2 hours with a lovely brunch and coffee!  ....Pwahahahahahaha!!!!! Boy I'm dreamin' now! 
Have a blessed week everyone.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

Taco Salad Recipe

As promised here is the taco salad recipe with pictures I blogged about in MPM.

Here's what you'll need!

1.5 lb ground beef

1 package taco seasoning

3/4 cup water

2 cans rinsed, drained kidney beans

1 small onion diced

1/2 head of iceburg lettuce chopped

2 medium tomatoes chopped

1/4 bag taco chips (I use cheese Dorritos) crunched up - just put them in a gallon size ziplock and roll them with a rolling pin a few times.

3/4 bottle of Thousand Island Dressing - just go with me on this.


Dice your onion and set aside.
Brown and drain your ground beef,

add to it the package of taco seasoning, water (I ended up using about 3/4 of a cup of water)

and onions, allow to cook 5 minutes untill all of the beef is saturated in seasony goodness, set it aside to cool a bit.

Next pull out the biggest bowl you have and your chopping board, chop lettuce, tomatoes and throw 'em in the bowl.


Throw in your kidney beans,

cheese and


Gently toss these ingriedients together.

Add your ground beef and onion mixture and the Thousand Island (trust me you won't regret it)

Mix it all together and enjoy!

This is also good cold the next day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whatever the week holds is His plan.

My beautiful babies.

So I sat down this weekend and began this blog - I got as far as the title (which by the way I changed) and then was distracted.  That happens quite frequently around our house.  There was a lot going on this weekend, a 6 hour round trip drive with 2 tweens and an infant on Saturday to a wedding shower, church and a visit to Granny (who had fallen and broken her hip last week) and of course we had to prepare for the week to come - this is an ordeal for those of you who have kids and lack orginization like myself understand there's a special kind of madness that can ensue...  Even with all of the chaos I still managed to plan out my grocery list and meal plan, I just didn't get it posted to blogger or Orgjunkie!  So without further ado, here is our menu, sorry it's so late!

Sunday - We ate out!
Monday - Chicken patties, salad and oven fries (this is was my easy throw it together night)
Tuesday - Chili I didn't follow this recipe exactly, although based on the reviews I'm sure it is wonderful just the way it's written.  I added 2 cans of chili beans and 1 can of red kidney, also I ommited the white sugar. We also added a dollop of sour cream and some grated cheddar cheese - YUM!
Wednesday - Oooooh Wednesday... sucha sad, sad story. We were supposed to have honey garlic chicken, and boy we would have, except for one fatal flaw in my plan, I didn't PLUG IN the crock pot!!! So instead we had sandwiches and salad. I pouted for a while over the loss of my yummy chicken dinner.  The dogs LOVED it.  *tear, sniff, sniff* I did however pull out some precooked, cubed chicken and remade the sauce for this chicken and threw it in the skillet for 10 minutes and it was pretty darn good! So I will be saving the recipe for another day.
Thursday -  Taco Salad (recipe to follow) *family favorite!
Friday - F.F.Y.*
Saturday - Breakfast for dinner, eggs, maple sausage, biscuits, and fruit!
*Fend For Yourself

My Mom's taco salad:
I'll try to remember to do a photo recipe tonight when I make this.

1.5 lb ground beef
1 package taco seasoning
3/4 cup water
2 cans rinsed, drained kidney beans
1 small onion diced
1/2 head of iceburg lettuce chopped
2 medium tomatoes chopped
1/4 bag taco chips (I use cheese Dorritos) crunched up - just put them in a gallon size ziplock and roll them with a rolling pin a few times.
3/4 bottle of Thousand Island Dressing - just go with me on this.


Dice your onion and set aside.
Brown and drain your ground beef, add to it the package of taco seasoning, water and onions, allow to cook 5 minutes untill all of the beef is saturated in seasony goodness, set it aside to cool a bit.
Next pull out the biggest bowl you have and your chopping board, chop lettuce, tomatoes and throw 'em in the bowl.
Throw in your kidney beans, cheese and chips. 
Gently toss these ingriedients together.
Add your ground beef and onion mixture and the Thousand Island (trust me you won't regret it)
Mix it all together and enjoy! This is also good cold the next day.

I hope that you all have a very blessed week and weekend.

Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.  1 Peter 5:7

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthday party down, meal planning and clean up to go!

Well my oldest little girl turned 9 this past week and we had celebrated well over a week! Needless to say we had lots of good food, fun and were blessed to spend some time with family and friends.  Here are a few pictures of the fun!

cake first... yeah that's how we roll!

listening very carefully to the directions for the scavenger hunt.

the hunt is on and the children are running wild!!

running through the woods to find the treasure.

Kinley wondering what all of the excitement is about.

beautiful blue eyes is just happy to be outside with the big girls :)

the birthday girl enjoying one of the found treasures.

the next day, we made it through the night!


With all of the partying past us now it time to think about clean up and Fall recipes that I can make in one dish!  I was reading one of my favorite blog sites, The Pioneer Woman whose recipes are done in pictures and funny stories and ran across some great ideas for dinner this week.  If you haven't checked out PW you need to take a minute to check her out, she is hilarious!  Of course the other site that I adore and get most of my ideas from, Orgjunkie, has allowed me to fill in the rest of my days with other menu planners' ideas!  So here goes with the plan. . .

Ok so here it is Tuesday, obviously I'm running behind on my planning.  I started the blog on Sunday, got kicked off the computer by the hubby.  Started back at it yesterday, again kicked off the computer by hubby.  Sent him to work today, finally get to finish it!   I suppose better late than never is a relevant saying at this point.


Sunday  - Out to dinner

Monday - Spaghetti and salad

Tuesday - PW corn chowder and corn bread

Wednesday - BBQ turkey, Twice-Baked-Potatoes

Friday - Pizza-Casserole and cheese sticks

Saturday - left over soup and sandwiches


Our breakfast this week will consist of cereal, fruit, breakfast burritos, wheat waffles and peanut butter


Lunches for us are varied since I have to make lunches for all of us separately.  For Tony salads and fruit (his request!) Kaitie, soup, leftover spaghetti, sandwich, ravioli for the main courses, fruit, chips, and a drink to finish it off. And for myself, well, whatever I feel like throwing together between laundry and dishes!

We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.  ~ 2 Corinthians 4:7

Have a blessed week!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cozy, comfy fall food!

What a fantastic week for the weather!!! It's in the upper 60's in the mornings and only in the 80's during the day!! FALL has arrived! I feel so blessed to live in a part of the country where the weather has 4 distinct seasons and that next to spring, autumn is one of the best!  My girls have been an inspiration in my menu this week. Below are some pictures of Kait feeding Kinley some butternut squash, one of the only jar baby foods we have found that she will not spit back out! So I got to thinking, butternut squash, I've never tried to make anything with that!  Then what'd ya know, I turn on Food Network and one of their very talented hosts was making a butternut squash soup! The other inspiration I have is of course my sweet hubby who has recently begun his student teaching.  He has requested salad, salad, salad for lunches! Who knew he was so health conscience?! I have respected his reqest and gone on a quest for a variety of salads to keep it interesting and healthy.  As I browsed the selection of various fruits and veggies in the supermarket I ran across brussel sprouts and tomatillos, two more foods I've never cooked with, so you'll be seeing them on the menu for MPM on Orgjunkie!!! as well! I hope you all have a blessed and cozy fall week! 


Sunday - Taco Soup dressed with chips, sour cream and hot sauce
Monday - Breakfast quiche (recipe below) and blueberry muffins
Tuesday - Easy chicken sandwiches with all the trimmings and sweet potato fries
Wednesday - Butternut squash soup, salad and crescent rolls
Thursday - Baked chicken with cilantro, tomatillo cream sauce!, carrots and brussel sprouts
Friday - C.O.R.N.*
Saturday - Out to dinner

Breakfast quiche recipe:

1 premade pie crust
1 lb.ground turkey sausage
6 eggs
1/4 cup butter
1 small onion diced
1 clove garlic minced
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
3 tablespoons jalapeno vinegar (I buy the sliced jalapenos in vinegar)
salt and pepper to taste


saute onion and garlic until transparent, add turkey sausage and cook until done. beat eggs with jalapeno vinegar, salt and pepper, add turkey, onion, garlic, eggs and cheese into pie crust, mix until egg covers everything.  bake at 350 for 45 minutes. serve warm.

*C.O.R.N. = clean out refridgerator night!
Have a fantastic week everyone!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy to be blogging!

Better late than never, right???

This week is going to be crazy!  In fact it's already after 10 on Monday night and I'm just now getting my menu plan up and going!!! I will have my nornal busy schedule added to 2 doctor appointments for my girls.  In addition to the busy me, I have an unusually busy hubby to contend with (unusually busy = unusually crabby at times).  I need lots of prayers this week. 

So on to the menu plan!

Sunday - Country style BBQ beef ribs, potato salad, cole slaw, corn on the cob

Monday - Pizza!

Tuesday - soup and sandwiches

Wednesday - some kind of chicken?

Thursday - breakfast quiche and fresh fruit

Friday - sloppy joes, carrots, and green beans

During my prayer time this morning I feel that God spoke words of strength and comfort to my soul, I was reminded that He is in control and will more than meet all of my and my families needs.  Make some time to spend time with your Maker and allow Him to walk beside you, you'll be glad you did!!  I hope you all have a very blessed week!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Returning to the blogosphere...

Well it has been a great while since I have logged in to blog about a menu plan or anything for that matter, but as I look thru the many menu planners on The Fabulous Orgjunkie website I find myself wanting to return!  For that reason I am now looking ahead to the week with no menu in mind, we will have a busy schedule, Monday - gymnastics until 7pm, Tuesday - Wednesday should be fairly low-key, Thursday - dentist appointment in the late afternoon (out of town), Friday - Friday is a relax night.  Well, looking at the week ahead in black and white helps my brain to get going in the direction of planning!  So without further ado, meal plan Monday here I come!!!

Dinner: Quiche

Lunch for the kiddo - turkey and cheese pinwheels, chips, grapes, blueberries, yogurt and a drink
Dinner - chicken burgers! with all the trimmings and fries (sweet potato and seasoned)

Lunch - salad (premade at the store), almond trailmix, pretzel sticks and a drink
Dinner - beef pops and  pasta salad

Lunch - ravioli, cracker rounds, cookie, grapes and a drink
Dinner - tacos and refried beans without the refry

Lunch - turkey and cheese sandwich, chips, blueberry muffin, and a drink
Dinner - meatballs and a new type of mac'n'cheese 

Lunch - served by the school :)
Dinner - baked potato bar and salad

Monday, April 5, 2010

healthy eating 2

As I begin today's blog I am focused on balancing good nutrition and ease of a recipe.  My newborn daughter is a month old now and I have to say I have been very tempted by sweets and have not done the best job of remembering to take my prenatal vitamins.  That's why I will be trying to stick to a healthier meal plan this week and increase my water intake.  My doctor has also given me the go ahead to resume my walking/jogging routine, I hope that the combination will help me to lose the last few pounds of baby weight!!! So my weekly menu is going to consist of lots of easy/healthier meals, at least as close to it as I can get with the finances and time the way they are these days!

Sunday - Chicken spaghetti
Monday - soup and grill cheese
Tuesday - Tex-Mex Rice & Beans (taken from the blog of another mpm)
Wednesday - meatloaf
Thursday - Twice baked potatoes and salad
Friday - Taquitos, chips and salsa
Saturday - Beef Stew

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meal Plan

Ok so at some point I do intend on getting back onto my meal planning the way I was doing, but for now, I have an "easy" menu.  There is just so much to do, and not do in the life of an infant, and I must be careful chosing foods since I'm breast feeding. So here goes, the easy menu of the week:

Sunday - Mashed potatoes and green beans.

Monday - Poppy seed chicken however I alter this recipe a bit, I don't use the sherry and I do use a full sleeve of Ritz crackers on top as well as a full stick of melted butter.

Tuesday - Hamburgers, sweet corn and potatoes

Wednesday - Spaghetti and salad

Thursday - Corn dogs, tater tots and broccoli with cheese sauce

Friday - Beans and corn bread

Saturday - Sandwiches, chips and pickles

Thursday, March 18, 2010

c-section recovery guide

Kaitlynn and Kinley

Well the past few weeks have been very busy and wonderful!  We welcomed our newest edition to the family, Kinley Estelle, weighing 6lbs. 10ozs. and measuring 19 1/2 inches long.  She is perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful!!

I have been considering doing a blog about my c-section experience and have decided that while I really don't have the time and energy at this point to make it perfect, it may still be helpful to someone out there.  I recently emailed a friend of mine who is expecting in the next few weeks and will also be having a planned c-section some tips for a successful recovery.  I will post those emails along with some links to some items that I have found to be very helpful. I hope that these tips will come in handy for someone out there looking for reassurance prior to their own c-section.

c-section recovery guide

Before the Hospital:

Take care of yourself during your pregnancy, excercise, drinking water, eating healthy and taking your prenatal vitamins are all very important, and it's never too late to start doing any or all of them.  In addition to a prenatal vitamin I took an extra calcium, folic acid, and one week prior to surgery an extra iron vitamin.  I made these choices based on previous experience with my first pregnancy, research both on-line and in pregnancy books and with the help of my doctor.  Since every woman and every pregnancy is different, I suggest you take the time to research what vitamin supplements you may benefit from.  Excercise doesn't have to be stressful or strenuous, and shouldn't be!  A nice 30 minute walk 3-4 times a week will help you out in the long run; as will pregnancy yoga classes (in person or on-line!).  Eating healthy can be a challenge especially if you're like me and craved starches and sweets!  Have some self control and some self indulgence, if you have a sweet during the day make sure that you don't go over board, and try to have healthier choices for the other meals that day.  The old saying of you're eating for two is NOT a good saying unless you plan on gaining enough weight to make you think you're going to have a 60 pound third grader as opposed to the 6 - 8 pound infant you will have.  Trust me on this, it was the biggest difference between my own pregnancy number 1 and pregnancy number 2, I gained 60 pounds with the first and only 30 with the second.  I have been able to lose 25 of that 30 pounds this second go round within 2 weeks of having my second beautiful daughter!  I believe breast feeding is a great aid in my weight loss, but I'll talk more on that later.

Packing your bag and the baby's bag can help you to get into the birthing mindset. Knowing ahead of time that you are going to have a c-section can make it easier for you prepare both mentally and physically.  Here are the links to a few sites that can help you make a list of your own needs for the hospital stay, a basic checklista more detailed listone more list .  All of these sites are helpful, but I suggest reading over them and then making  your own list - you can put it in your baby book so when you're little bundle of joy grows up they can see all of the things you took with you too.  In my own bag I packed 2 nursing tank tops (wonderful product!), breast pads (These don't stick to you), lanolin, 2 big comfortable t-shirts, 3 pairs of comfortable pj/work-out pants, slipper socks, 1 pair of socks for the trip home, tennis shoes (whick I didn't wear), a light robe, 1 nursing bra, 3 pairs of c-section friendly undies (yes they are huge and not very attractive, but they are comfortable and that's what matters!), 1 pair of flip-flops for the shower, all standard toiletries, hair ties and clips, my make up bag (and yes I even used it!), birth plan, pre-admission forms, baby book (which I didn't work on until after I got home), plastic bag for dirty clothes, 3 changes of comfortable clothes for my husband, a saduko book to keep him entertained in the more dull times (those were few and far between), a snack bag, camera, extra batteries, etc. The baby bag was fairly simple, i just followed the basic checklist, the only thing i wish i would have had more of was outfits in smaller sizes - there is a difference in newborn and 0 - 3 months!  The 0 - 3 month outfits are still huge on my daughter while the newborn onsies and such fit her pretty perfectly, she weighed in on the low side of average at 6lbs 10ozs. 

The Hospital 

While in the hospital, ask as many questions as you have and relax knowing that you are in good hands with your nursing and doctor staff.  Take in a birth plan, but remember to be flexible and that every hospital has a different set of policies so some of your requests may or may not be possible.  Get to know your nur,sing staff and doctors as they come in and introduce themselves, don't be nervous to ask their opinions, and if they are a truly great staff (mine were) order them a cookie tray to be delivered, or have one of your support people go get one for them.  I'm not going to sugar coat the pain side of a c-section, it is major surgery and it will be painful, but it is managable and you will get through it.  My first daughter was an emergency c-section and I believe the combination of laboring for 16 hours, an epidural and some major anxiety over the emergency part of the delivery turned my first birthing process into a nightmare.  The second time around I was determined to have more presence of mind and to heal as quickly as possible, as well as make sure that if I had some choices I knew what they were and which options were best for me.  In this case the spinal over an epidural was a great decision, while it certainly hurt initially, it worked extremely quickly, effectively and then wore off after only 2 hours, which for me was great because I felt more present for the arrival and first breast feedings.  GET UP and moving as quickly as they will let you, but not before, just try raising your bed as high as it will go into a sitting positition several times until you can get up.  Make sure to be honest with the nurses, especially when it comes to your pain level and whether or not you have passed gas after surgery.  One of the cna's told me that when they ask you about whether or not you have passed gas, other wise you could end up with some major stomach issues and in the hospital for longer with a  feeding tube. She explained that the reason they ask you about passing gas is to know when it's ok to give you solid foods again, if you haven't, then you stay on a liquid diet for a while, but hey that's better than more time in the hospital. My doctor used disolvable staples on me, i don't know if that has been a contributing factor in my recovery, but if you have that as an option it seems to me that it has helped in the pain level, possibly because these don't pull like the metal ones did.  Oh yes, and your first meal out even though it's liquids, take it slow and don't sit up all the way.... nausea is the prize if you try to sit up too far!  Rest, breast feed when you can, take your time eating and make sure to get up and walk as often as you feel you can. 

Heading Home

 Let's talk pain killers once you're released from the hospital, my preference is darviset and ibuprofen over hydracodone because I was able to be more aware.  Remember that when you get home if you are having a hard time going to the bathroom (#2) all narcotics cause constipation.  My 5th day home I had to just switch over to taking 2 500mg tylenol every 6 hours to ease the pain, or i think i may have been back at the hospital only it would have been because i couldn't go to the bathroom!  I had taken an over the counter stool softener, a suppository, and even eaten a fair amount of prunes, but nothing worked! That's when the pharmacist suggested no more narcotics, tylenol only.   Don't forget to rest as often as you can even if you don't feel like you need it right then because in a few hours, you will be needing the rest you didn't take. Don't forget that there is a hormone rush and you may be a bit of an emotional rush for the first few days or even weeks home especially if you don't allow yourself the rest that you need.  Make sure you sleep when the baby is sleeping and let the hubby know ahead of time that there will very likely be some emotional moments so he won't be wondering what he did to upset you.  If you're breast feeding exclusively like I am then the second or third week you will probably want to start to pump a bottle a day and let Daddy feed baby once a day to introduce this foreign process.  It will help in the long run. 

Breast Feeding

First, it won't hurt forever!!!  Use the lanolin! A pea size drop on the sore spots after every feeding. The breast pads make a difference, some can stick to already tender areas - ouch. Use the lanolin before you get in the shower, water hurts for some reason. the first 24 hours the feeding probably won't hurt and it's the best time for the baby to learn to feed so as soon as you can, attach baby and let them feed as often as possible.  The next 2 days, they may not eat as much because they will want to sleep more, at least that was what the doc and nurses told me, however my daughter was like a breast feeding champ and nursed like crazy the entire 3 days in the hospital - which by the way, brings your milk in quickly.  Have a pump on hand for when your milk comes in and someone willing to be there to hold the baby if she's asleep and someone else willing to bring you some very hot, wet towels to lay over I know that every baby and boob is different, but a day by day break down for me pain wise went like this - day 1, mild discomfort at latch on, day 2-3 mild to medium discomfort at latch on, however ending day 3 and on into days 4-5 were painful at latch on and the first 10-15 seconds there-after, have no fear the pain will subside and will get much better after, i'm at day 8 and am back to just a very mild discomfort at latch on. I believe that the pain meds (even tylenol) help with the breast pain too.  Read up on engorgment, know that it will not last forever and speak with the lactation consultant if there is one available in the hospital. I didn't think I would need to since I had breast fed my first daughter, but it was reassuring to speak with the nurses (the hospital I was in did not have a consultant) about the feeding and to have them ask how it was going.  I got a "hooter hider" cover and it has come in handy a few times when I've had mixed company, but honestly I can't see her to latch her on unless I cover my head in it also!

oh yeah and the differences in the first few days and there-after, your first few days are collostrum and so there isn't much in the way of spit-up, then when your milk comes in, have a burp rag/recieving blanket handy just in case some comes back up. diaper consistancy goes from tar like substance to a yellow color after about day 3.  a few other things regarding the changing station idea i stole from the internet, get some boudreaux's butt paste instead of the other diaper rash meds, it is very mild and doesn't sting baby at all. get a small wipes carrier for your mini changing station, keep your meds, prenatal vitamins, extra change of baby clothes, and the butt paste there for ease. get a small notebook and chart out when you're taking your meds, and the baby's feedings and diaper changes times and which breast you fed from. this will help you keep track of how many diapers the baby has and that will tell you if he is getting enough milk.

 Baby wise

I'm considering trying the babywise method this go round, but haven't made up my mind 100%.  This is a linkto the site that is helping me decide whether or not I'm going to try it, and so far I have found it very informative.
Born March 1, 2010 weighing 6lbs and 10 ozs, measuring 19 1/2 inches!