Monday, June 11, 2012

Well here it is, one week check in. current weight: 199 loss of 5 pounds :) Here are the pics to prove it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It has been 3 days on my fat2fit journey and I was thinking I would only update my blog weekly, but after making it thru my first work out and first spinach shake I had to show you some pictures!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fat2fit The Journey Begins

Wow... it has literally been one year since I set finger near this blog! So much has happened, so much hasn't happened. As I look back over my last blog I see my goals are still the same, unmet. I am more determined to lose weight - at least for today. I start my journey out knowing I cannot do this alone. God will help me through this next 6 months, as well as my family and friends, Amanda P., I'm counting on you to nail my feet to the floor when it comes to my long list of excuses. The first story on Yahoo news that I saw this morning read, fit2fat2fit prompted me to pull up the ole blog and think about my goals. Fit2fat2fit is this story of this personal trainer who decided to take a journey to the fat side and then work his way back to fit. His site offers the full plan, get this, for FREE. So of course that got me thinking, hmmm, if he can do this in 6 months and all of the folks on his site offering testimonials are doing the same, then maybe, just maybe I can too. SO here goes, this is me...                                                                                                                                
All 204 pounds  of me. bleh.

My Short Term Goal: To give myself a healthier body in 6 months.
My Long Term Goal:  To maintain above mentioned healthier body for years to come.
My Plan:  Eating controlled portions of healthy food, drink LOTS of water, and excercise. 
Sounds simple enough, right? 

Well at 5'4 and 204 pounds, simple or not, I have to do something.  I am a prime candidate for a wide range of illnesses and diseases, not to mention, fat is not attractive, and I would like to be in that category - attractive, not fat, I've already got the fat thing going. 

As I said before I came to this decision based on an article I read, what I failed to mention was that while reading, I was eating a monster size cinnamon roll, had already eaten some cheese, a few grapes and a piece of maple sausage and was working on my 2nd cup of coffee with cream and splenda.  Oh boy, and I wonder why I don't lose any weight?!  After reading the article and finishing the cinnamon roll, yes I did finish every bite of it, I weighed in.  I should have just glued the food to my butt before getting on the scale, I haven't ever weighed this much, outside of pregnancy. 

Now's as good a time as any to start.  I dumped out the rest of my blonde colored coffee and got myself a big glass of ice water.  Lunch was a small piece of the kiddos pizza - their request - and a small handfull of carrots with less than a teaspoon of ranch dressing.  I won't be able to stick to the diet outlined on the fit2fat2fit website, but I will be attempting to portion controll and eat similar products.  The other part of the equation is exercise.  I've been outside playing with the kids and plan to go take a 40 minute brisk walk while the baby is asleep.  I'll also throw on a zumba dvd and see if I can get the kids to look silly with me.  I believe that'll be enough for day one.  Don't wanna over do it and through my body into shock.  I'm scared to post this blog for fear of ANYONE seeing how huge I am now, but I guess that's part of the process.  So here goes, wish me luck everyone!