Sunday, January 10, 2010

some leftover ideas


Last week plans for the dinners I had were rearranged and moved about and some weren't used at all.  So as I journey forth to make this week's menu I plan to include a few of the items from last week.  I do hope that this will allow for a smaller grocery bill as well!  

Sunday - Spaghetti
Monday -Asparagus Couscous and green beans
Tuesday - Leftover taco soup
Wednesday -  Grilled chicken sandwiches, hummus and chips
Thursday - Kaitie's choice: mac-n-cheese with hot dogs and salad 
Friday - Church book club meeting, lots of yummy finger foods!
Saturday - Breakfast for dinner, scrambled eggs, biscuits, bacon and fruit 

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All of the recipes are the same from last week. My highlight recipe of the week is Stir-fry! It was really fantastic!!!! The family was very impressed and even ate leftovers the next day for lunch - if you know my crew you know that's saying a lot.  I hope you all have a terrific week.  

I have began reading The Shack.  While I haven't gotten to the end yet, I have to say it has been a wonderful book.  I will be honest, as the mother of an 8 year old daughter there were some chapters that were VERY hard to get through, but after a bit of crying and heart-break for the author I have found that I am in love with the way the author portrays a relationship with God!!! I plan to finish the book this week and will post a final review of it to let you all know if it's end is as wonderful as it's middle.


Here are a few pictures of the baby of the family, Tiger Styx.



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  1. Hi! Love taco soup and asparagus couscous sounds delish. Welcome to Mindful Menus!!! Just a reminder, please link back to the blog roll so that your readers can explore all the menus. Thanks for joining in Mindful Menus!!! I love having you!!!