Monday, November 8, 2010

Harvest time, Halloween, and 2 beautiful zebras

So with Halloween behind us and Thanks Giving on it's way I have lots on my mind but first!  Before Halloween I decided to have pictures of my girls taken by a wonderful photographer Erin Walker at imagine photographi. She had a cool fall promo going and so I dressed the girls in their Halloween garb and away we went. Here are a few of the beautiful pictures that came out of a wonderful afternoon.

We haven't picked up the girl's Halloween pictures from Walgreens yet, but next week I'll get those up.  Next week's blog should be adorned with a the cutest cow and prettiest 9 year old Taylor Swift you've ever seen. 
Without further ado, my meal plan for the week:

Tuesday ~ Chicken-Flautas, Mexican rice, refried beans and lime/cumin creme and not-yo-mamas-banana-pudding
Wednesday ~ Spaghetti and meatballs, salad and rolls
Thursday ~ Left Over buffet
Friday ~ Chicken-Pot-Pie and possibly this lemon cake
Saturday ~ soup and sandwiches or something else super easy.

I'm tired already! Someone put me in bed and then wake me in 2 hours with a lovely brunch and coffee!  ....Pwahahahahahaha!!!!! Boy I'm dreamin' now! 
Have a blessed week everyone.  


  1. Your recipes look great! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I looked through your blog and I'm loving your meal plans. Our families must like the same type of food. I'll be borrowing some of your ideas in the future. I look forward to more posts from you as I'm a follower now.


  2. I've never made flautas. Sounds good. I have my potato soup recipe at the end of this post:

  3. Thanks for the fruit salad links you left on my blog. They look great :)
    Your menu sounds yummy! Where did you find your flautas recipe??

  4. Hi - very nice blog! Thanks for visiting my blog! You have beautiful children!!