Tuesday, January 11, 2011

eating doing my regular mommy activities and losing wieght!

So last week I blogged about trying to lose weight, and this week I am very happy to report that I have lost 6 pounds!!!  I feel like doing cartwheels, I won't because I'd break something, but that's how happy I am!  I posted some recipes last week that were as close the ones in my cook book as I could get, and I'll post the modifications I made to make them healthy and reviews of each.  I have to note, I was told about a website live strong that helps me keep a food/activity journal and I have cut soda out of my life.  I believe that with these changes I will be able to be successful... now if I can just STICK WITH IT!  My plan to stay motivated is to try to be a lead communicator for the women can walk/run 5k to my friends and family that might be interested in training for a 5k.  This may sound like a lot of change, but I have been over weight, actually if you want to get technical, obese, for 10 years now and I am tired of being fat, pray for me ya'll.  Part of my success in sticking to the healthier eating is due largely to a cookbook my Aunt Pattie put together for me at Christmas. I have been going through the "main meal" section for my meal plan ideas and making each recipe and writing down how well we like each one.  This weeks plan is simple, follow 4 more recipes out of the book!  I'll post reviews of last weeks recipes after my menu plan.

Sunday ~ Turkey burgers and fries

Monday ~ Taco Soup (I added 1 can of beef broth instead water)
Tuesday~ Broccoli quiche  and fruit

Tuesday ~ Eggplant quesadillas and black beans

Wednesday ~ Zucchini two ways crispy zucchini and potato pancakes & sauteed zucchini

Thursday ~ Vegetarian tortilla chili served with chips, cheese and sour cream

Friday ~ C.O.R.N.*

*C.O.R.N. - clean out refridgerator night.

So there  you have it, my menu plan for the week, hopefully I'll continue to see some weight loss.  Something else that has amazed me is my new found energy, I always assumed that once I quit drinking soda that I would see a lack of energy, but it has been the opposite!  Now onto the reviews of last weeks meals.

Chicken artichoke pizza ~ from this recipe I omitted the garlic, roma tomatoes and olives, I added yellow and red bell peppers.  My husband and I really enjoyed this recipe, but my 9 year old wasn't a fan.  I think the next time I decide to make pizza, I will do a mini pepperoni just for her, but I will for sure make this again!

Black bean and couscous salad ~ from this recipe I omitted the red wine vinegar, corn and cilantro.  As it turns out this recipe is a little dry.  My hubby has suggested to me the next time I try it out to leave the spinach as is and add in more lime.  We really like couscous so we'll try this again with more liquid.

I posted this rice recipe but actually the recipe I followed is this:

Green Chile-Black Bean Chicken
cooking spray
chicken (I used one boneless skinless breast I roasted earlier in the week and one can of chicken)
1 cup chopped onion
salt and pepper to taste
1 can black beans drained
1 cup grape tomatoes halved
1 can chopped green chiles
1 cup reduced fat sour cream (optional)

heat large skillet over medium heat.
spray with cooking spray (I added a bit of olive oil too)
add chicken and onion to the pan
sprinkle with salt and pepper. 
cook 7 minutes stirring occasionally, until cooked thru.
add black beans, tomatoes, and green chiles to chicken.
cook 2 minutes stirring until everything is thoroughly heated.
garnish with cilantro, hot sauce and sour cream if you like! 

This was a big 2 thumbs up from everyone in the family! This was by far the best recipe of the week. 

Turkey Picadillo the only thing that I added to this was a package of taco seasoning and it was great!  I added the left overs to some taco soup and it was fantastic, even the kids ate it up!

Well there you have it, new recipes, and hopefully by summer, a new me!!! 

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