Monday, April 5, 2010

healthy eating 2

As I begin today's blog I am focused on balancing good nutrition and ease of a recipe.  My newborn daughter is a month old now and I have to say I have been very tempted by sweets and have not done the best job of remembering to take my prenatal vitamins.  That's why I will be trying to stick to a healthier meal plan this week and increase my water intake.  My doctor has also given me the go ahead to resume my walking/jogging routine, I hope that the combination will help me to lose the last few pounds of baby weight!!! So my weekly menu is going to consist of lots of easy/healthier meals, at least as close to it as I can get with the finances and time the way they are these days!

Sunday - Chicken spaghetti
Monday - soup and grill cheese
Tuesday - Tex-Mex Rice & Beans (taken from the blog of another mpm)
Wednesday - meatloaf
Thursday - Twice baked potatoes and salad
Friday - Taquitos, chips and salsa
Saturday - Beef Stew

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