Sunday, August 29, 2010

Returning to the blogosphere...

Well it has been a great while since I have logged in to blog about a menu plan or anything for that matter, but as I look thru the many menu planners on The Fabulous Orgjunkie website I find myself wanting to return!  For that reason I am now looking ahead to the week with no menu in mind, we will have a busy schedule, Monday - gymnastics until 7pm, Tuesday - Wednesday should be fairly low-key, Thursday - dentist appointment in the late afternoon (out of town), Friday - Friday is a relax night.  Well, looking at the week ahead in black and white helps my brain to get going in the direction of planning!  So without further ado, meal plan Monday here I come!!!

Dinner: Quiche

Lunch for the kiddo - turkey and cheese pinwheels, chips, grapes, blueberries, yogurt and a drink
Dinner - chicken burgers! with all the trimmings and fries (sweet potato and seasoned)

Lunch - salad (premade at the store), almond trailmix, pretzel sticks and a drink
Dinner - beef pops and  pasta salad

Lunch - ravioli, cracker rounds, cookie, grapes and a drink
Dinner - tacos and refried beans without the refry

Lunch - turkey and cheese sandwich, chips, blueberry muffin, and a drink
Dinner - meatballs and a new type of mac'n'cheese 

Lunch - served by the school :)
Dinner - baked potato bar and salad

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  1. The entire menu looks yummy! I completely sympathize with being so busy, I have just recently (within the last few weeks) enrolled in way too many activities and am feeling overwhelmed! Welcome back to blogging :) I just jumped back on the wagon a few weeks back and it is great to have a whole wide world of adults to talk to again :) Off to look at the beef pop recipe next, thanks for all the links!